Sunday, February 19, 2006


QHST writing center is a program still in its 'developmental' stage. It is a program found in many colleges that would be helpful to have in the high-school stage, for we all have writer's block one time in our lives. For the duration of this year, it will be held after-school at 2:30, a time when there is mandatory tutoring, in room 203.
Hopefully, next year, it will be available throughout the day and kids can come anytime to get help with writing. For example, when you're in English, working on a paper, in need of help, the teacher can send you down to the writing center to get assistance because a teacher can't help everyone at once.
But, for the meantime, when you're stuck with a paper whether its for English, history, science or even math, come down to room 203 after school and we'll help you not only write it up, but help you improve your writing skills so, you can do it yourself 'next time.'